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From time to time significant news will be placed here.  Come back here often to see what is new and news worthy. 

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    An MBTI Master Practitioner

    Master Practitioner

     One of only 4 MBTI Master Practitioners, listed on the MBTI Master Practitioner website, in the state of Wisconsin, Ken Cerney attends several training sessions each year in order to remain current in Personality Type theory. 

    This is critical if you want the best, most current, knowledgeable and experienced facilitator possible.  While I would say that fits me, I learned long time ago that there is always someone better.  But I would suspect that they are always learning too. 

    However you look at it you will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself and those on your team.

    UPDATE - 4/14/2012

    Attended a workshop led by Henry L. (Dick) Thompson.  This workshop based on his new book "The Stress Effect - Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions" also showed how stress connects with personality type and type dynamics.  This was what I was specifically looking for and I look forward to adding this information into my workshops.  To see insight into stress and how it connects with my own type check out my blog