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Leading Ideas for Effective Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are we labeling and stereotyping everyone by giving them these 4 letter codes?
A: It would seem that this is so and I have had several ask this during the course of a workshop.  But in all honesty the sixteen types are nothing more than a means to allow us to talk about commonalities and differences. They allow us to talk about communications, and conflicts, learning styles and teaching styles and so much more.  

Q: Who chooses what my personality type is.
A: You do.  Who else knows you better than yourself.  The problem lies in the understanding of the type code so that you choose the code that best represents who you are.  This is done in a simple three step fashion in almost all my workshops. 

Step 1- you take an assessment, either online or on paper.  You will not get a chance to see the results until step three.

Step 2 - Self-select your type code with the help of a master practitioner.  In a group setting this is done with a combination of fun exercises and power point presentation explaining the different aspects of type and the theory behind it. 

Step 3 - Selection of your Best -Fit (or verified) type code.  At this point you will compare the type code you selected with the reported type code from the assessment you took in step 1.